Blocked Drains Boksburg Do’s And Don’ts

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Blocked Drains Boksburg: Bad smells, funny sounds or water draining slowly. Are all signs that you might have a blocked drain. So don’t leave it to the last minute. Give Plumber Boksburg a call on 082-550-3306. WE DON’T CHARGE ANY CALL OUT FEE’S.

Blocked Drains Boksburg Do’s And Don’ts

If Your Drains Are Blocked And Giving Problems Call 082-550-3306 And Ask For The Blocked Drains Boksburg Service!

Blocked Drains In Boksburg are a common plumbing issue for homeowners and businesses. Blocked Drains are caused by a buildup of waste. And they can become a headache if not taken care of immediately. Unblocking Drains in Boksburg is easy. If caught early is a simple and easy to do. And you will avoid the more serious problems likes leaks. Or embarrassment with overflowing sewerage.

Never leave any blocked drain for another day. In the hope that the blocked drain will unblock itself, or get better. Because it won’t! And it will only worsen with you ending up with costly damages. If you have a blocked drain at home, or at the office. It’s always best to call in the experts, like Plumber Boksburg on 082-550-3306.

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Tell-Tale Signs Of A Blocked Drain In Boksburg

All blocked drains whether it’s in the early stages. Or the very late stages. Will give off obvious tell tale signs which you should never put off or avoid.

  • Bad Smells – If bad smells are coming from your drain, like a rotting or stale smell. That’s a sign that you’ve got a blocked drain and have had one for some time.
  • Gurgling Sounds – If you start hearing funny gurgling sounds coming from your drain. Every time you use water from the tap, shower or bath. Then you’ve got a blocked drain.
  • Slow Draining Water – When you notice slow draining water. Slower than normal then you’ve got a blocked drain.
  • Rising Water – When your toilet bowl water starts rising every time you use the tap. Or flush the toilet. Then you’ve got a blocked drain that needs immediate attention.

Here’s How Blocked Drains Happen!

Blocked Drains occur from a buildup of waste materials over time, like fat. Silt and plant material. Foreign objects flushed down a toilet can also cause a blockage you name it. If you can flush it. Or if it fits down your drain, it can block it. Blocked drains even occur due to defect, breakage or even corrosion in the plumbing system.

Types Of Blocked Drains

There many different types of Blocked Drains from Blocked Kitchen Drains. To Blocked Sink Drains. Blocked Outside Drains. Blocked Bathroom Drains. Blocked Basin Drains. Blocked Toilet Drains. Blocked Shower Drains. Blocked Bath Drains. And Blocked Sewage Lines.

Blocked Drain DO'S

  • DO Call a drain cleaning specialist or plumber like Plumber Boksburg. Who deal with blocked drains on a daily basis and know what they are doing.

  • DO ask for drain jetting from Plumber Boksburg. Drain jetting is the most inexpensive drain cleaning method. That is not only fast but also delivers long-term solutions.

Blocked Drain DON'TS

  • DON’T buy drain cleaning chemicals. Although they can be effective for drains that are not that blocked. Drain chemicals do not fix the problem long term.

  • DON’T pour vinegar and hot water down your drain. Although it does work, it will only solve the problem for a short period of time. It will not clear the blockage. You also don’t know what type of chemical reaction the vinegar might have. On the blockage in your drain and can end up damaging your drain pipe.

  • DON’T drain snake your own drains, unless you know what you are doing. This can end up being dangerous and cause costly damages.

Plumber Boksburg is experts at unblocking, blocked drains. No matter what type or size drain you have. Our drain cleaning professionals have years of experience in unblocking drains. We also use the latest in drain cleaning technology. So that we deliver fast and effective results. We also provide you with a 90 day or 3-month service warranties. So should anything happen to your drain within that period of time? We will come out and resolve the issue at no extra charge to you.