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Geysers Boksburg are one of those household appliances we take for granted. Responsible for heating our water supply. Plumber Boksburg specialises in providing, Water Heating in Boksburg. For any home or business. Geysers Boksburg supply a wide range of geysers. From South Africa’s leading water heating manufacturers including: Frankie. Heat Tech and KwiKot.

Geysers Boksburg

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When it comes to heating your water. Ther’es a lot of things you need to consider. Before settling on a particular type or size Geysers in Boksburg for your home or business. Like the size of your home or business. How many users. Electricity usage and hot water requirements.

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How To Choose A Water Heating System!

It can become tricky to try and figure out the size geyser you need. And if it will serve the needs of your home or business. That’s why you have Plumber Boksburg. With thousands of geyser installations behind our name. And years of experience working with geysers every day. Geysers Boksburg can guide you in making the right decision when choosing a geyser.

Currently, there is a huge range. And the variety of different types of water heating solutions on the market. From your standard Conventional Electric Geysers in Boksburg. To Heat Pumps in Boksburg. Tankless Water Heaters in Boksburg. And even Solar Powered Geysers in Boksburg.

What Is A Geyser?

A geyser is a water tank located on the ceiling or somewhere close to the bathroom. A geyser has a heating element controlled by a thermostat. Geysers will convert electricity into heat using a heating element. This then raises the water temperature to a set temperature. There are two main pipes going to your geyser. One is the inlet for cold water, The other inlet is for hot water. There is also an overflow pipe which allows excess water to flow from the pressure release valve.

Water Heating Solutions

Standard Geyser

Standard Geyser store water in a tank and come in a variety of sizes. Available in Electricity or gas to heat your water. Standard Geyser water temperature should last around 12 hours. With a lifespan of up to 12 years depending on your geyser


Tankless Geyser

Tankless Geysers are more energy efficient. Because they only heat water when it’s needed. When the tap on the Geyser goes to work. Most Tankless Geyser needs less space and hangs from a wall. One of the main benefits this system is its lifespan. It can last twice as long as your normal Geyser.

Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser uses the energy of the sun to heat up the water. Available in 2 makes a Passive Solar Geyser or an Active Solar Geyser. Active Solar Geyser is less expensive but tends not to be efficient enough. Passive Solar Geyser is more reliable and last longer. A Solar Geyser needs water pumps to circulate the water from the geyser. A good geyser will have a well-insulated tank and a backup system for those cloudy days.